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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user mjsmom73 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

We have tried a non-stimulant medication (Strattera) and it did not help at all. We were getting frustrated with the stimulant (it did help some but not that much) and then having to give her more medications to offset the side effects. She is more energetic now, but at least she is more pleasant to be around (not irritable, not having to force her to eat, sleeping better, and the stimulant also seemed to increase not only her anxiety but her sensory issues, as well).

From what I understand, Strattera works well for inattention but our daughter has the combined type. The Strattera was like giving her nothing. Also the stimulants do nothing to help with impulse control. We find the mindfulness to be helping with that and also really decreasing screen time.

We are fortunate in that we are able to homeschool, so she does not have to deal with all the distractions of public school and she is not a distraction to the other kids while she is learning to cope with her symptoms. I am a former public school teacher so I have experience teaching kids (even though that is not a requirement to homeschool). I can put my own accommodations into place without having to deal with the red tape in the public school system and fighting to make sure they are followed by the school system. I know homeschooling is not for every one and every one has to do what is best in their situation, but it really is what works best for us and our pediatrician agrees.

Good luck!