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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user mjsmom73 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

So far, I have seen the same effect with what we have been using (Magnesium, Fish Oil, Zinc) for focus and calmness that I saw with the ultra expensive medication(s). We went through several different kinds and finally decided the side effects and price are just not worth it. I am sure the medications work well for many kids, but our daughter must be one of the ones that does not tolerate stimulants well.

My husband hated the fact that we had to give her more medicine (medication to help her sleep and medication to stimulate her appetite) to counteract the effects of the original medicine. It is so nice to see her eating again. We are still working on the sleep issues, but the mindfulness exercises seem to be helping her to recognize her emotions better and how to use her breath to help calm herself.

When on the medication, she was so rigid that she did not want to even do the mindfulness exercises. Now she sees that they are helpful. She is much more pleasant to be around off the medication than when she was on it. I can finally tell my daughter a joke without her bursting into tears that I am making fun of her. We can go up and give her a hug and she will hug us back instead of getting upset. She is much more fun to be around.

Perhaps the ADHD is secondary to the anxiety and that is the difference. All I know is that it is nice to have my kid back.