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Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user cgmac in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Hi Lean In, thank you for your reply. I appreciate the suggestions. My comment was more about, does it really help adults focus better the next day or even that day? And HOW? What is it in their ADD brain that is missing from mine for exercise to NOT help me focus? If you miss a day of all that stuff, do you feel different the next day? Like, slower, less organized, more wasting the day away activities than normal? I guess I want to see scientific proof of this phenomenon and know that is isn’t just theory of those people that live and die for exercise and force it upon others as the best way to be healthy. If exercise is the best way for me to be healthy, then I will never be healthy, because I will always itch when I sweat. Doctor can find no reason for it and it has been all my life, my childhood summers were not fun. I forced myself to exercise 25 minutes a day for a week once. I was not ever focused as a result on any of those days. I also was being avoided by my family for being so irritable. I keep reading it, but no one is explaining it in a real way. The why of it. I can’t find any person that can explain to me why exercise helps this condition for some and why it always is one of the first things said about managing this disorder. I do wonder if it because I am not hyper and don’t have excess energy to release. I have very limited energy and after a day at my job (boring, mundane junk work) I am usually exhausted. We just never knew why until the DX was made. I can’t find any information on my theory either — that “inattentive ADD” is not helped by exercise the way hyper ADHD is. I can’t be the only ADDer to have exercise not help. Not with so many of us out there.

I saw weighted belts for kids and adults online. I refused to spend $100 to “try” one so I made one of my own (I’m a seamstress). I did this because again, I kept reading that it would help adults. It did explain the theory/scientific reasoning behind it online. Not one piece of information about it actually working for adults online after three days of searching that was from an adult user — not an adult provider to an adult. One more reason to make my own. It doesn’t do squat for me. It is the same exact thing you can find online. Six pounds for adults my height and weight and is designed after the online model. This is where a lot of my frustration is coming from — I read this stuff and get no help from it after trying it. I feel very “cursed” — can you tell?