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Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user Lean~In in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Hi cgmac, I understand those thoughts of “exercise.” Boy do I!! Anytime I played tennis, after hitting the ball across the net, bing, bing, bing, I was done. Why would I want to keep chasing that ball? I never finished a game. Ever.

As for the other exercises…I have a dog. I walk her twice a day. I garden. I’m the one at my house to lift 2 cu.ft of soil conditioner or peat moss into my car, out of my car and into the wheelbarrow. I shovel it into the flower beds. I toss the ball for the pup. I hoe the mixture into the flowerbeds. There is always, bending and weeding along the way. Daily.

No one says exercise needs to be at the gym. I’ve considered purchasing a hand crank ice-cream machine. Thinking that might be considered exercise, with a flavorful treat thereafter? I’ve also put the electric mixer away. Hand-stir home made, thick mixtures of flour and butter. Adding oatmeal to the batter seems to do me in. It’s not easy to get it smooth, but the rewards of hot homemade cookies are multiple.

On the point of “meth” and Adderall: Read more. Gather information. Try something else. Lower your dose if your heart pumps toooooo fast. Fact: There is something to taking a medication. It works for a great many people.

If symptoms include anger, resistance, irritability, lateness then something may ease this tendency. Keep doing the research. Find what works best for you. As I wrote above, getting the sleep I needed was incredibly beneficial.