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Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user cgmac in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Hello, I have adult ADD, but am not hyper. I am not an active ADDer, I am a sit-around, day-dreaming ADDer with no energy or zip of any kind. I know not everyone responds the same way to treatment, but I keep reading that exercise is “so good” for “us,” but I HATE it. It is TORTURE for me. It is beyond boring, makes me irritable, my sweat actually makes my skin itch to the point of me digging at it — that is part of why I’m irritable while being that bored probably. I’ve NEVER felt energized after I’ve been forced or have forced myself to exercise. I usually want fattening foods that I don’t normally crave, to be left alone and a long nap after a workout, and my nasty after-exercise mood does cause others to avoid me. How can any of that help my ADD or me? I am so confused by these claims, based on my own experiences that it actually angers me now to keep reading that this will help me. I really get no ADD improvement from this activity — not even walking and that is also BORING TORTURE for me and isn’t any better for my mood if I’ve been bored and tortured for 30 minutes. Has anyone else experienced this problem?