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Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user Keep-Trying44 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Hello Soulstand,

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience of ADD (I refuse the H as well).

Firstly, I have specifically joined the group ‘to thank you’. And tell you that you write beautifully. I too was recently diagnosed with ADD aged 44! I have two young children and experience all the same symptoms and frustrations as you. I actually had a little lump in my throat just reading it. I recently wrote a story about my experience of motherhood with undiagnosed ADD which I will attemp to share with you. Unfortunately I’m technically challenged (not something I’ve ever been interested in you see 😁). I’m sure you know what that’s like 😉. I just wanted to say hang in there and be kind to yourself. That’s what I’m trying to Do. I’m trying to learn as much as I can which can be overwhelming though. I just read the article about getting organized but with over so many tips its hard to know where to start. I need them all and I need them YESTERDAY!

I’ll try to sit down with hubby – priorities and work through them slowly I think.

Thank you again for sharing your VERY relatable experience with us. Feeling like I’m not alone in how u feel is incredibly comforting ❤️