Reply To: ADD + Comorbid Anxiety and Depression

Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user CindyW in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

Sometimes it doesn’t help to know a lot of people are struggling with the same thing! It would be better if someone had this figured out and could share it.

It’s true that ADD, anxiety, and depression are a triple threat. You’re too depressed to do active things that help, so that makes you anxious. Which makes it harder to be organized, because your brain is bouncing around in your head like a ping pong ball. Which is very depressing. Which makes it hard to get organized…

I feel that way at times every single day. Or sometimes, all day, too!

In addition to just breaking things down into tiny next steps, one ridiculous thing I tell myself about my anxiety is that I have ADD. If I wait a few minutes, my feelings will change and I won’t feel so anxious or depressed. You would be surprised how much that can help. Give yourself permission to be the way you are – I know how stupid that sounds, but don’t you also beat yourself up for not being able to get better or be different?

If you have a collection of photos, select ones make you happy. Family, nature, buildings, Cheezburger memes – it doesn’t matter. Flip through them and enjoy them. It’s okay to spend a little time on this.

About your money. Start by getting rid of every single automated buying thing – like having your credit card on iTunes. Then hide money from yourself – not much, but put a $1 bill away when you can. Or even a dime. I did that, and when I wanted to get something, I counted my stash and if it was enough, I bought it. If not, I put another dime in. Also sounds stupid, but it was fun and it worked. A penny is even better!

Good luck! Take care of yourself and try to be okay with who you are. You have a lot of friends on this thread who have great ideas! I’ll use of them myself.