Reply To: ADD + Comorbid Anxiety and Depression

Kevin Ju

This reply was originally posted by user PaigeA in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

My experience has been that ADD, Depression and Anxiety are a trinity of conditions that often cluster together or overlap, like the VEN diagram we learned about in school. Picture 3 circles overlapping a central point. I have all three, and take medications for all three, and could literally take your original post and plug in my meds and post it as my own. All of it. So know that you and I are not alone. I have just joined this and another support group through ADDitudes and hope it will be additionally helpful. Though there is no perfect combination and I am currently struggling with many and most of the same issues as you related in your post, I do feel there is hope in the balance of the medications with other treatments. I have started using an app on my iPhone to sleep at night that starts with a 10 minute meditation and promotes deep sleep using brainwave sounds and a choice of ambience sounds like rain, birds, waves, etc. (I have a vicious sleep disorder as well called Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder – RBD). The meditation is helping me get to sleep faster and sleep better, and my goal is to incorporate mediation in my daily life. Mindfulness has been said to help the ADD brain to focus on ourselves and to learn to shut out the cacophony of irritants to which we are all constantly exposed to in today’s multi-tasking marketplace.

I think you(we) got some terrific feebdback and wish you well in your journey. Bite off a small task and complete it. One at a time. We can do it.