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Allison Russo

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Work with the teacher. Ask his teacher to write a composition book to keep track of what he is to do and put it into his book bag. Hopefully teacher will be able to help they did this for my son when he was younger now the kids have a book at end of day the write the days homework in and put the papers and books right into book bag.

With my son he has high IQ – He gets bored – So when he has completed his homework he gets to do something he really likes to do.

If homework doesn’t come home he sits at table and writes down that he is sorry he has forgotten his work and will try better tomorrow. Also sticker board helped – If he did his chores and homework he got a sticker. After a week if he has all five/seven stickers he gets five dollars that seemed to work. Don’t know your child so I’m just telling what worked with my child. Best wishes.