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Allison Russo

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Tell him you Love him and that he was chose to have ADHD because he is STRONG If he is doing well in school -dont sweat the little stuff Be sure he is open and comfotable with his therapist Sit down with him and LISTEN Make him Stronger by not making it a big problem Encorage him to do things he isnt so strong at Praise him on his strengths!! My son is 10 now Was diagnosed when he was in first grade We gave him a stress ball in his desk for when he feels out of control Get IEP for school and be envolved Dont know where you are from but they should have it at school Be sure he isnt getting bored Keep him busy in class ask teacher to keep him envolved Maybe if she sees him getting lil antsy give him papers to hand out or if he isnt shy ask him to give his opinion on something If you need to talk Im Rose Text me Best wishes Try not to make him feel different From his friends and family members Check therapy , meds , and school, keep pediatrician also envolved 💛