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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user boomer in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

So sorry, and a few thoughts:

1. Has he had and IQ and academic test? We had to prove our daughter had a significant difference between her IQ (ability) and academic results in order to achieve accommodations at school. The school district will do the testing for free but only after the child is 2 years behind in school. We had an independent company (psychologist) do the testing, it was a whopping $2,000, but worth it to us as we’ve used the data many times in the last few years. Subsequently we also had the school district test her. Our daughters IQ was 20 points higher than her her academic scores, so obviously she was no where near reaching her academic potential.

2. Although you’ve tried every med, have you tried different combos, and other things to counter the bad side affects? Our dtr didn’t metabolize ANY of the stimulants well enough, so finally, after 4 years of trial and error she takes ritalin (stimulant) plus strattera (non stimulant) and it is a game changer! And she takes melatonin almost nightly to help with sleeping (and a million blankets, she seems to need the weight to relax)

3. Depression is treatable, I hope you can find a good doctor to prescribe what you need that will help.Exercise is a great stress reliever.

4. Try to find a support group. Everyone on this blog knows EXACTLY what you’re going through and the extreme frustration and CONSTANT WORK parents have to go through to help their kids. You’re not alone!