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Allison Russo

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Thanks, I’ve looked for local support groups but there aren’t any near me.

As for 504 plan, UGH! We pulled him from Catholic school middle of the year last year (1st grade) and put him into public b/c the Catholic school basically said, unless you can medicate him (which we had tried) we can’t help him. The public school was FANTASTIC! His teacher was wonderful, I explained to her how he had ADHD and per his last teacher was ‘as bad as it gets’ but that he couldn’t tolerate any of the meds. She was totally nonplused… just said ‘oh I have lots of other ways of helping him!’ and she DID! She said he definitely needed a 504 plan but since he came late in the year AND we found out we were moving over the summer she wasn’t able to get it built before we left. However, she gave me a 3 page letter detailing his strengths, weaknesses and some of the accommodates she recommended for his 504. Well, I brought that to his new teacher in his new school on day 1… nothing… When we first moved I didn’t start working right away so I used that opportunity to sit in on his classroom and ‘volunteer’ to see how he was doing. I left every time crying because he was so ‘out in left field’ 90% of the time. Unfortunately this is only this teacher’s 2nd year teaching, she’s trying her best but really doesn’t know what to do. So I ask her again about a 504 and resources to help him. FINALLY they set up a meeting with the guidance counselor, vice principal, teacher and resource teacher… in NOVEMBER. The teacher reads through his issues and what she has done to try to help him. They come up with a few other strategies, like a disc seat, new fidget toy, etc. and say they will meet again in 2 weeks, STILL no 504 because they said they have to do all this FIRST!!! Well, it’s been 6 weeks and I still haven’t heard anything. The disc seat and new fidget toy didn’t help. My cousin who is a special ed teacher recommended a few things like verbal testing, etc. but again, I have to get the school on board. I don’t know how/why getting a 504 would take so long but I also don’t know what ELSE the 504 would even provide us?! Thanks for reading/listening and responding… I’ve finally stopped crying…for today 🙂