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Allison Russo

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Penny, thank you. Great advice. He actually has all of those things in place. They reached out to me and suggested the therapist again. I was the one that asked them to put him in the self-contained class room for the remainder of the week.

He is doing fine academically, it is social stresses. Since we have 2 days of school before spring break, I thought to get him away from whatever is prompting this, he’ll have over a week of vacation. Get him started with the therapist and go from there.

The school is doing a great job with following the IEP and the BIP. They always reach out when there are issues, they really work with me as a team. It is me feeling overly pressured and upset. I knew therapy was going to come back into the picture again, I guess I was just hoping he wouldn’t need it right now.

He won’t talk to me, and actually made up an incredibly elaborate lie when I talked to him. So, it is time to get him with someone who he feels he can talk to.

Thank you so much for your response.