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Devon Frye

This reply was originally posted by user Pump2Duncan in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

I also agree with Underlycrazy, ask if your child can be involved in the meeting — even if its just the portion to discuss what he feels he needs. When my son was your son’s age we developed rewards for certain behaviors/accomplishments. The Special Ed teacher developed the rewards directly with my son. Say if he finished a project, he picked that he received 10 extra minutes in the computer lab or got to play with LEGOs or draw a picture. His direct involvement made him a part of the plan and seemed to help a lot.

My son also was allowed to go to the Resource Room whenever he felt he needed to or the general ed teacher thought he needed to. This was ONLY beneficial because the special ed teacher was present in the resource room and helped him identify and work through whatever he was dealing with at the time. I don’t think it would have done him any good if he just went in there and received no support or direction.

In the public school setting some years will be better than others. Some teachers will be better than others. Second grade was a terrible year for us — third was AMAZING (terrific teachers & special ed teacher) — fourth was okay (but the strides we had made in third carried us through fourth) — and fifth has been terrific.

I think if you feel homeschooling is the best choice, go for it! You know your child the best. And hey, if it doesn’t work — that’s okay. It’s not like once you take him out of public he can never go back. In some states there are online schools that might be able to give you some direction as far as educational content.