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Allison Russo

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This is my first post ever. Your posts have encouraged me to write something and I am hoping that it provides me with some relief. I am 45 and diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I am in a new relationship (one year) and he has started saying that he feels sorry for my ex husband because of what he must have had to go through living with me for 15 years. The sadness that I feel hearing that is immense…..because he is probably right. I was married to a wonderful man who loved me….and I couldn’t get it together to love myself and him so I looked for greener pastures. I convinced myself I was courageous and opening myself up to new opportunities when I gave up a marriage, a nice home, a secure job and packed a few things into my car and drove across the country to live with HIM. Now I cry myself to sleep at least once a week in my tiny little apartment.

Today is a particularly bad day…and I do have many good ones…fantastic ones…but right now I feel overwhelmed with heartache.