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Allison Russo

This reply was originally posted by user wimowo in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

While you may think what you are going through is atypical based on all the same ol’ “what to expect” stuff out there, based on my own experience and accounts from other ADHD women going through menopause, what you are experiencing is pretty textbook for us. Not, mind you, any textbook written by a man without ADHD!! I’m not a doctor, but upping your water intake, and reducing sugar while increasing the healty omga-3 fats in your diet, may help a lot with the migraines and tons of other menopause and ADHD symptoms. At my worst, I had hot flashes that gave me tunnel vision and caused me to literally keel over, and my brain was so non-functional I was convinced it was disintegrating! I also found Vitex to be immensely helpful after trying every remedy under the sun. Now for the good news!! You will emerge from the fires of menopause tempered to some degree into a stronger, more powerful woman with more energy than you had in your 30’s, the convictions to choose what is important to you and the ability to weed out the BS as you take on the renewed, 2nd half of your life. Women, and our bodies, are miraculous! Good health and remember to love yourself every day!