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I was also severely abused in my workplace. I was laid off due to COVID-19 & am now suffering PTSD. There was also a racial component to the abuse. The sad thing is that I enjoyed my actual job. I was great with the customers and enjoyed keeping busy and thinking on my feet. The expectation though, was that we work out-of-class (w/o extra pay or training). I was expected to know and perform at a very advanced level from my co-workers, even though they were given far more training and support. They wrote me up for not remembering or being late on deadlines, not understanding expectations that hadn’t been laid out, lack of efficiency, perfection, and organization, and I was given pop-quizzes for rules which no-one else knew or followed. I was expected to be a high-performer despite constant interruptions. My work was expected to be perfect and I was expected to know how to use computer programming that no-one else had to use. I was daily mocked and bullied. I survived with therapy and daily prayers. “Please God, lock me inside a bubble of light and protection today, where meannesses can’t hurt me…” It was a huge relief being laid off, but now I can’t stomach looking for a new job.
, because there was enough truth relating to my ADHD, that I feel broken, and that they were right, that I’m simply not good enough. I don’t know how anyone can be expected to manage life under the expectation of receiving this type of daily toxic harassment and abuse. I wonder if there’s been any studies on the ADHD community and workplace abuse and PTSD?