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A big mess really can be overwhelming. I once read what I found to be a helpful suggestion: each time you walk through a room, do something to make it more beautiful. For me, that’s taking an object to the room it belongs in if I’m going there or putting a piece of trash in the bin. Chaos makes me anxious and miserable enough to stick with this. Quite often this leads to a flurry of activity, as I batter around the house like a moth in a lampshade each time an out of place object or something that needs cleaned distracts me! Doing the dishes can end in a plant being re-potted, the toilet getting cleaned and then making half a dozen candles. Go figure.

Another helpful suggestion for me was to get rid of one thing every day, and after a year you’ll have 365 fewer bits of clutter. These days I’m also very careful about what I bring into my home, mindful I’ll have to find a place for it.

So it’s not a given that you’ll always be messy. If you can do little things that form good habits you have a chance of getting on top of it without having to try too hard. The mess got there one thing at a time, it can leave that way too.