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I know this is from October but hope you may find this as I stumbled upon it looking for information on this topic. I signed up just to reply.

I was diagnosed with adhd as an adult but looking back, it was painfully obvious I should have seen it earlier.

I have been having hyperbaric oxygen treatments at every other day for about two and a half weeks. While I did not start this for adhd, just 2 days ago I experienced a dramatic change in my brain function and it has been wonderful. Everything has been calm and clear in my head more so than I can ever remember. Obviously I am just one person and the biggest benefits have just happened so I have no idea if it will last but I plan to continue and really hope these effects remain. Also, there are other possibilities as to what this treatment has helped since I have been in multiple car accidents some of them pretty bad, so it is possible that the treatment is helping things from that and not the adhd directly.

Feel free to ask any specific questions and I will try to remember to check back and answer.

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