Reply To: New psychiatrist acting fishy

wandering away

Thank you. I’m definitely considering that. Also, she’s forcing me to take a drug test first — I don’t know how normal that is when a person wants ADHD medication.

She’s putting me on Concerta, but won’t allow me to access it until I’ve waited 5 days to clear my system from taking a certain herb I’ve been consuming for years. It’s legal in my state, most states, and not as strong as weed (I had to edit my first post because apparently you can’t mention it on this board, either lol).

Her only reason given is that it’s an herb that can be addictive, nothing about it clashing with Concerta. It just seemed intrusive, and not something to concern herself with.

Yes I want to look for someone new, but only if this is strange behavior for a psychiatrist. Maybe all of them have to follow certain guidelines and it’s not her fault.
Thanks again.