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I wanted to chime in with my experience with the generic versions of Adderall versus the Brand name.
I have found any Instant release that is not manufactured from the company TEVA is just awful it should be grounds for criminal charges towards these companies when they sell this stuff. Now the XR or ER generic Adderalls can be the same sort of situation but, not nearly as bad it seems to me. That being said Mallincrodt generic Adderall ER capsules are giving me all these strange effects like you guys are talking about. Headache, tension in my back muslces, scattered minded, foggy minded, feeling anxious or nervous in a really bad way. These are horrendous feelings for anyone but, for those of us already dealing with major neurological disorders it is just down right CRUEL for this company to be allowed to get away with selling this to patients. I am seriously thinking about taking my personal savings and having these capsules analyzed to see what kind of poison is in them.