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Hi, and welcome to ADDitude!

I definitely think you’re in the right place.
I say, go for it! If you think you see several signs of ADHD in yourself, it’s worth checking into.

Personally, I put very little stock in the dated view that to really have ADHD, you must have shown the signs from childhood. Lots of times the signs are just overlooked. I have also heard that some researchers believe some people with ADHD do not show signs of it until they start to enter their difficult teen-age years. That was certainly me. At least, I know that as I entered puberty, I switched from being a seemingly mature, great student, to being an impulsive, thrill-seeking wild child.
Some researchers are, I believe, even beginning to question the view that ADHD mustt have begun in childhood or adolescence. ADHD research has been forging ahead in leaps and bounds in the last 25 years or so, and I don’t think a serious psychiatrist or psychologist who understands ADHD would rule out an ADHD diagnosis in a person just because they can’t prove that the syndrome began in their childhood.
Also, I understand what you are saying about being a very good student, and that you enjoy studying, but listen, that is really very common, I think, among those of us with ADHD. I have read many people’s postings on this site that reflect their love of studying, of school, their ease in school settings, their great academic accomplishments…and yet they have trouble keeping simple or complex jobs. Work situations are very different than academic settings.

I have two Master’s degrees, and most of a third one-which I didn’t complete only because I got irrationally angry at the faculty and told them where to go. But I have been “let go”, and quit, several job positions over the years that were simple types, such as cashier, customer service, baker because I just couldn’t be consistent or on time…or lots of reasons!

I’ve also been very successful in a handful of jobs for years-but only because I loved the work I was doing AND I had a secretary to “handle” me and keep me straight and “on task”. (I hate that phrase, “on task”).
I was not diagnosed until I was 50. I seem to learn new things about ADHD…and myself, everyday.
If you think you are, you may well be. Try to find out and keep on advocating for yourself!