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I have been poor my whole life (grew up in poverty where all of the generations before were just as impoverished), if I quit this job I wont really be losing any luxuries.

I don’t want to be unemployed, but my mental health will properly not survive if I am here too long. So I am trying to weigh up how much I can deal with before I can quit and have something thats not “After 4 years of being unemployed I lasted 1 week and 3 days at this job” on my CV.

I have been trying your suggestions thank you,I won’t be allowed to use a tablet or phone of my own because we have access to sensitive data but my work around was to just use draft e-mails in my work e-mail address which has worked at the moment.

I would love to be able to have a hobby that I can use to destress but so far I am only able to come home and immediately fall asleep until I have to either pee or go to work again.

So I also need to try to adapt to a better work like schedule. I mean i clock off at 5 but by 6pm I am asleep from just being drained.

Thank you for your suggestions!