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I’m 62 years old and have had too many doctors to mention. Don’t give up if you are not happy with you Doctor. I’m not saying that if you don’t like what they say just get another one, but if they aren’t hearing you, move on. I have tried so many different medications and combinations over the years. Basically what I am told is that I am med resistant. I have always suffered from Depression, OCD, Eating Disorders and ADHD. I am also a recovering alcoholic, 27 years sober, my proudest accomplishment in my life besides my children. I do have to say that the ADHD is the one that I really struggle with. This site has been such a breath of fresh air for me. I do have trouble finishing an article before I sidetrack onto something else but, knowing I am not alone with this real issue is wonderful for me. I was brought up with the information that ADHD was just for hyper-active little boys. We were told that ADHD goes away when you enter adulthood. What a breath of fresh air it is to finally be able to read about people that struggle with the things that I do. I learned early in sobriety that there is power in numbers. It’s true. I have used my struggles with my chemical imbalances to help children that have severe disabilities. When you can use your struggles to help others then the world isn’t so crazy! I want to thank this site for posting the positives about having ADHD. I know when your struggling it’s hard to see those positives, but they are there.