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Actually got my medication to start yesterday. Are we allowed so say medication types and amounts? Anyway, quick report.
First tablet had a clear impact. I spent the morning being very focused and productive at work. I felt actually motivated because I wasn’t constantly frustrated with mental log jams. I have taken four tablets in total over 2 days.

When they wear off, I can feel a fog return. A mental bluntness that I now recognise as my unmedicated normal.

When they start kicking in, I feel like I have new cognitive powers. It’s quite striking, given I am still in the titration phase. My previous posts were very negative. I was feeling like I would never get to try medication that this was just going to go on and was slipping back into depression.

But now, so far, very impressed and even hopeful for the first time in I don’t know how many years. So strike my previous criticisms based on my ignorance.