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But this forum seems to scream out meds don’t do much.

I came to this thread because of some ADHD-related issues I’m currently struggling with, but I wanted to reply to your comment about meds. Numerous studies have shown that stimulant meds are the single most effective treatment for ADHD (if you can tolerate them). I have struggled with pretty much everything my entire life, but once I started taking meds I was able to actually accomplish things. This isn’t to say that I’m now firing on all cylinders, but I would have never gotten my bachelors degree or finished two academic professional programs without medication. The meds REALLY do work. Please don’t let anyone’s negativity about meds influence your decision to give them a try. And know that finding the right medication and dosage is a process of trial and error. Still, they don’t work for every single person, but they do work for A LOT of us.