Reply To: Is legit?

Dr. Eric

I tried to take a look, but I cannot see anything of value without actually signing up and taking the assessment.
If someone had a report for me to review, I could make an educated opinion. (My first concern would see if they use industry-accepted assessments, or if they have a “proprietary” (AKA not peer-reviewed or approved) system.)

The fact that they are licensed and can bill insurance does lend some credibility. However, having the license does not mean quality.

For example, just this week, I saw an MD diagnose a child with Autism and ADHD using only 2 parental rating scales and a conversation with a parent (one scale is no longer in publication and neither scale addresses ADHD). Even more frustrating is that this MD (general pediatrician) works in a practice with a pretty impressive behavioral specialty clinic that would do a great job.