Reply To: Speech Issues


I also find, especially at night, I just speak… poorly. The first clause and second clause of a sentence end up having different tenses, I know what I want to say and then when I’ve come out I’ve picked really odd synonyms, or something that just kinda sounds…. dumb.

“He was going to get his car fixed, but, now he’s not sure” turns into “He didn’t fixed his car yet. But soonish maybe. …Sorry, why did I say that?” or worse “He didn’t get it on his car yet.” What?

I can read just fine (I think), but when I read out loud I rewrite sentences as I go, fairly seamlessly, to make them match my voice.

“Jake had found the serum to be useful and was waiting on lab reports from the space station”->”Jake found the serum result to be useful and waited for space station lab results.”

People often don’t notice, but, if it is a very long sentence, its like an AI program that can’t keep up the illusion for long.

It would help if I didn’t try to read aloud and do voices and motions for all the characters, but, where’s the fun in that? 🙂