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This is me every day, every single day. I’m at work all day and my mind fills up with all these things I need to do at home, so I write down like everyone suggested to do, and guess what happens when I get home!? Nothing at all, I do none of the things that are on the list. Then people want to say ‘well then it must not be so important to you or else you would get it done.’ I’m just on my phone looking at stupid stuff that really mean nothing. So then I sit their bored out of my mind, thinking I need to do something, anything to get me out of this funk I’m in and or whatever, but no I continue to sit their everyday. I just get frustrated and put myself in a dark hole of emptiness, boredom, annoyed, anxiety. Basically feels like your losing your mind because you want to do these things but like something (don’t know what it is) just won’t let you.