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I started experiencing Vasovagal Syncope episodes in kindergarten but it wasn’t diagnosed until in my 20s. I was diagnosed for ADHD at 40 (6 years ago). I have no known heart condition, but I have hypertension.

I believe my syncope episodes are related to emotional dysregulation, because they are generally triggered by medical procedures or injuries. I’ve passed out dozens of times throughout my life and they all have to do with someone’s skin being broken (my own or someone else’s, real or imagined).

In recent years, with treatment for ADHD (Wellbutrin and CBT) as well as support groups for other issues, I’ve become much better at self-care which includes self-advocating with medical staff and choosing to walk away from triggering events or conversations, even when it is socially uncomfortable.

I was drawn to this topic because I have had so many people try to minimize or gaslight me about my experience over the years that I want people to know that it’s a real thing, no matter what the cause. And it’s worth looking into!
Thanks for the original post!