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Trait is perfect!! Then it’s just a simple description of a brain difference. I so agree about the label not capturing what’s going on and I was just reading recently what you were saying – that the hyperactivity associated with children rarely shows up in adults. I was diagnosed in my late 40’s and it really hit me hard. My self-esteem already wasn’t great and to be given this label felt like the heaviest of weights being laid on me. I started thinking about the labeling when reading a book about using cognitive behavior therapy to improve executive functions and one of the challenges for CBT therapists is addressing people who are demoralized and depressed. I thought, yea – you try going through life with this cruel label and see how confident you feel. There are so many times in history where people have been called cruel names and had to stand up and demand to be respected. It is helpful for scientists to study and report on the objective challenges someone with brain differences face, but I feel like that’s led us to not question all of the denigration that has come with it (or the serious lack of studies looking at the advantages brain differences create). It’s like we don’t feel we deserve to be treated with respect. No human should be labeled with something that includes the words ‘disorder’ or ‘dysfunction’ (like dyslexia – which is used to describe a person with lower left brain activity but ignoring how their superior right brain activity helps them excel in fields like radiology (where they can easily see cancer tumors on a lung scan) or design). Why did those who chose these labels not consider – or feel a responsibility for – how their word choices would impact millions of people?

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