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I was on everything and ran my life into the ground. I was diagnosed as a child but didn’t know until I was an adult and got a mother diagnosis, then my mom tells me! I have been suffering and struggling trying to fix what is wrong with me all those years by self medicating. Now I just want what is best for me! I have given my life over to God & don’t want an addiction but for my life to be easier. HOW is it fair that the doctors discriminate against me (prior addiction) which is a direct symptom of my disease ADHD. I am prescribed everything but a stimulant which is what I KNOW will help me. It’s the only thing we haven’t tried. WHY?! Is it because I’m on medi-cal? Or is it because of my prior addiction issues? Help!? I’m in California, a 37 yr old mom of a teenaged son who is heading in the direction I was. He’s smoking weed to self medicate. I’m getting him diagnosed.