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Hi pax
I am not doing fine, but I am doing a little better 🙂 Maybe in english term its; I am hanging in there…sometimes almost drowning but for me it has helped a bit with meds and acceptance, being good to myself.
I was diagnosed with depression a few times before I finally demanded and got an adhd test. Oh, yeah, I know what you mean with all those waisted years…and now it is too late to start a new education, for example, wich is one of my regrets. But I also think I wasted time hating my past! Cause it only made me feel worse, so I started choosing to forgive my self, be nice to mye self, more patient…and I find it helps. But my adhd symptoms are the same, the struggles are the same, loosing things, breaking things, tripping, slipping, cutting myself when I make food, yep, its all still there…and will never go away. But I went through depression too, for years, before I landed and made up my mind to choose to accept myself and my f^≠>*g adhd! And I hope you get the help and support that fits you and your needs. It sounds a bit like you are in the spot I was two years ago…I chose to trest my depression first, and then try medication for adhd. Wellbutrin for my depression, kind of saved my life…and when my depression was a little better, I tried ritalin, then concerta and a few other adhd meds. And now I have Elvanse and it helps a little bit. I wish you the best for you!