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Me too…I got diagnosed around 4 years ago, and spent 3 years working through the grief and hurt, sorrow, shame, selfhatred, missed opportunities, confusions, anger and all the emotions in the world.
Now, I have finally landed.
Give yourself time.
Make a descision to be Kind to yourself
And Merciful and forgiving
Show yourself compassion and understanding
Try to let go of what other people imprinted on you and told you, listen to your own inner voice telling you that you actually tried your best
And then look to the future…and try to make up your mind to be the best version of yourself…for your own sake, not others!
ADHD, unfortunatly, doesnt go away, it is a lifetime struggle, but you can find gems too, just hang in there, there will be light in the tunnel!
Meds dont help me much, but Elvanse help a little bit, I sort of wake up. But when it helps a little bit, the other problems are easier to manage…
I wish I could work part time, that would help allot! Just need to win the lottery, lol!
All the best wishes to you finding your way.