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That sucks that you’ve had to wait so long for ADHD medication, and now, you’re still not seeing results!
I’m on Vyvanse, 40 mg, doing pretty well, only wanting to up it, as I was at 70 mg some years ago, and that worked well for me.
I had to look up Elvanse. I didn’t realize it is the brand name for Vyvanse.
I wanted to see if you were put on stimulants or a methylphenidate, but now I see you’ve been on both, because Xaggitin XL is a methylphenidate, whereas Vyvanse is a stimulant. So, this helped me untangle some info, but it won’t help you much.

See, as it is a stimulant, I would think that you would respond immediately to Vyvanse. Certainly you would after being on it a month. Unless you are one of the group of people who respond much better to methylphenidates-but that is what your Xaggitin XL was. And after 7 weeks of the highest dose of Xaggitin XL, it seems you should have seen a response.

In other words, I don’t know what to tell you. Possibly a methylphenidate AND a stimulant, combined, would work? But I am in no medical field, so I don’t know that answer. Most people w/ADHD respond better to either stimulants OR methylphenidates.

Your symptoms certainly sound like ADHD, but I suppose it’s possible you could have been wrongly diagnosed. I just don’t think it’s likely. But ADHD isn’t a diagnose anyone can “prove”, like a blood test can prove you have certain medical problems, so I guess a wrong diagnosis is always a possibility.
Have you looked into therapy our counseling? I have realized that even with my meds, I’m going to need some counseling help to address long-standing effects of guilt. shame, etc. I still see a hard road ahead of me-but at least I have optimism thanks to actually being able to wake up in the mornings, for the first time in years. Counseling could very well help whether or not you have ADHD.
Also, I would suggest reading the many blogs here on the ADDitude website about medication, and also about possible cognitive-behavioral approaches to your problems of concentration, disorganization, and motivation.
Personally, I find motivation to be my biggest obstacle.
Good Luck, don’t lose heart. Keep posting and reaching out.