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The medication journey can be a frustrating one. We’ve tried many – it can be a lot of trial and error. Fortunately, most stimulant ADHD medications don’t have a huge ramp up time. Meaning you should know quickly if it’s working or not for your kids. My son, who is 6, was diagnosed with ADHD combined at age 4 and has had success with 20mg of Vyvanse. It’s not perfect but it does significantly improve his ability to focus and reduces his impulsivity and hyperactivity (he has combined). Unfortunately, it also seems to affect his mood. To combat this, we have tried adding Guanfacine and even an extremely low dose of Escitalopram. Neither was an option to continue. Guanfacine turned him into a zombie and the Escitalopram made him very agitated. I suspect the mood will have to be addressed through other means such as therapy, which I am currently pursuing. If I can offer any particle advice, it would be to find a provider that specializes in ADHD if you haven’t already. Your pediatrician is the obvious place to start but is not always the right provider. Sometimes a psychiatrist, or physician that has solid experience with ADHD treatments is the better option. You might also try your local Children’s Hospital. Ours has excellent therapy services and medication management for children with ADHD.

I hope this is helpful in some way. If anything, just to know you’re not alone. You are in the right place. This website has a wealth of information to help parents and children.