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Hello! I joined this site just a few minutes ago! I’m currently awaiting diagnosis of autism / ADHD / both / neither and got married recently. My autistic husband would like children and I’m also wondering how I’d cope as a parent. I’m not sure about my husband’s practical skills but I know that he would make a loving parent. I seem to meet many criteria for both autism and ADHD and my nephew has a diagnosis of autism so we could well have a neurodiverse biological child if we manage to procreate. I’m also thinking that adopting or fostering a neurodiverse child would be fab as we’d have empathy as well as being super fun parents! For a long time I’ve felt distressed about and ashamed of my “shortcomings” but now I’m working on self-acceptance and getting to know my neurodiverse super powers. I also struggle to keep jobs, maintain relationships, keep home clean and tidy etc.