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I’ve taken Teva Adderall for a few years and it worked really well. In the last couple of months, all the pharmacies I went to said Teva had stopped making generic Adderall. I was in a panic because I’ve tried several other generics, and they didn’t work at all — it was actually worse than taking nothing. I guess Teva must have recently changed the formulation for their generic Adderall, because I’m now having the same problem with the Teva Adderall that I had with the other generics I tried — it’s like I’m taking nothing at all!

Has anyone else had trouble with Teva Adderall lately? Most pharmacists told me Teva wasn’t making Adderall any more, so I’m not sure how Walgreen’s got this batch and why it’s totally ineffective.

If Teva Adderall doesn’t work now, have any of you had good results with another manufacturer? TIA