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Yes. Yes, I feel like that often.

I’m not going to give you any supposed ‘life hacks’ nor tell you you need to do X, Y or Z nor refer you to this talk or that ‘life coach’ or the other article with ‘Seven tips that may surprise you…’ or any such guff. Nor will I lie to you and tell you it gets easier, necessarily, though at times it tends to — usually of its own accord, in my experience. A bit like the weather. But such pat answers will just waste your time. You’ve heard them all before. They all make the same fundamental error: they presume YOU can and will do these things. Ironically, for a site that purports to help people with a motivational disorder this place is overloaded with articles premised on self-motivation and positive thinking and similar nonsense. Most of which is pretty useless for any of us who find ourselves stuck. Sometimes medication/therapy helps. But geez! What an expensive, frustrating, confusing deprssing experience it can be to stumble upon the right drug regimen and the right doctor and the right therapist… Some find drugs life-changing. I haven’t.

I don’t have any advice to offer. I have only solidarity and sympathy. I hear you.