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Soosiekue I can’t believe this thread is still out there! I almost got sucked into rereading everything after I got here to specifically look at your post!!

I definitely need reminders. I have Apple products, so everything is connected, and if I set a reminder on one thing, it will show up on another, but not anything that blocks my screen.

I have one reminder app that has different alarms, and some are quite annoying. I can set them to nag me, as well. My problem is the ones I use daily to remind me to do various things eventually become annoying so I click on them to indicate *done* and then sometimes forget! But, they’re definitely helpful.

I think Apple might have some kind of reminder or way to block screen time. If not, there are probably some apps out there, even for Windows and androids. Now I need to check because I love apps, and it’s fun trying something new. As Eric Tivers (he’s written some articles for ADDitude) says, “we love bright, shiny new stuff.”