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Lightning bolt! I just realized what will help me NOT hyperfocus for too long, during my workday. I need something that will splash up on my screen (working from home, sitting in front of laptop all day), that says in bold letters: “You need to call your boss back about (whatever)” … you know, the way ads will pop up and take over the screen in the middle of reading an article or something? My daughter gave me this idea – because, yes, of course, my mom has ADD, all of her children have ADD (me and my 2 brothers), and all of OUR kids have ADD, meaning, my daughter was diagnosed when she was in 4th grade, and she’s 20yo now and away at college.
My daughter said that TikTok will pop something up on your phone’s screen saying, “You’ve been looking at TikTok for a while now. Are you sure you want to continue?” or something like that, I don’t know the actual wording because I’ve never had that experience (yet).
She said that she wished other things would do that, like when you are using your computer for too long, or watching youtube videos, or whatever.
MY thought is, what if we could set up our own pop-ups, based on what we have to NOT FORGET TO DO BY A CERTAIN TIME that day.
Like a timer, or voice reminder, but this would literally be like someone was standing between you and the tv. Anybody else’s mother do that all the time, when you were a kid? Mom couldn’t get us to break away from our slack-jawed tv-watching hypnosis (which I recently learned is called hyperfixation), so when she got tired of yelling our names and being greeted with total silence while we stared at the tv, she would walk around in front of us, turn around facing us, hand on hip, blocking the screen, and tell us what we were supposed to be doing instead of watching tv. That was the only way to break our hypnotic trance. We HATED it when she did that. And she had to do it a lot. BUT. It worked. Every time.

That is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. Instead of a person blocking my view with their hand on their hip and looking slightly angry, I/we need the interruptintg thing to be a pop-up/trance-interrupting/forcibly-grab-your-attention electronic focus management tool, something that completely blocks your view of whatever you were looking at. Some sort of focus-management app. It’s more than time management. This would not be optional. I can ignore reminders and alarms and task lists all day long! But if some new window showed up in full-screen mode, and somehow would not let me return to what I was just doing (obviously there’s lots to be worked out here, because what if you really needed to finish what you were just doing… there’d have to be a way to continue, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be easy to just cancel the full screen pop up because then it becomes just as ignore-able as every other tool out there) … ANYWAY, if my laptop had something like that loaded on it, I think it would force me to stay on task, to keep me moving on to the next thing, so my boss won’t have to ask me AGAIN why something didn’t get done that day (even though I had done this and this and this.) .. he only cares about what is important to him (rightfully so): he’s my boss; I like my job; I get paid well; I need to be re-directed back to what I need to complete for HIM, and then I can return to the other things that are more interesting to me. I mean, I REALLY need this. I don’t want to get dragged into HR again for “missing deadlines” because I didn’t focus on the right thing at the right time.

If TikTok can do it, block your view, then this technology certainly exists. But has anyone used it to make a Focus-Management tool, or whatever you want to call it. This would be so helpful!

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