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Anna Martin

Yes, people do get bored of life. It’s a psychological trap you can build for yourself. But it’s one you can walk out of, if you work at it. You can decide to be interested in something, and you can decide to enjoy doing it. Pick some things that you’re good at, or at least that is less distasteful than others, and focus on them for a month.

Do them whenever you can, and reinforce to yourself any enjoyment you find. Look out for anything that creates a flicker of interest and protect and feed it like you would a glowing ember with which to start a fire.

What you’re trying to do is to tear down the mental model you’ve built where nothing is enjoyable and replace it with one where at least a few things are. It’s hard work because you’re fighting against something you’re already quite heavily invested in, but it’s worth persevering.

If you stick at it, you may surprise yourself with where you are in a few weeks.