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Yes, I have been experiencing a very similar issue. I take my Adderall XR in the morning (9ish). I find that I can go to sleep (usually late) but real sleep for me doesn’t happen until 4 or 5 AM. I am exhausted when I have to get up in the morning for work. I have stopped taking my evening dose a few weeks ago (Generic Dextroamp) but when I do feel I need evening support I found cutting my evening dose in half works best. The afternoon/evening roll off happens at a tough time when I want to be awake and paying attention with my family.

One thing I am trying is taking 1000mg Vitamin C in the evening which is has been helping with better sleep. My understanding is that citric acid will actually bind with amphetamine and help flush it out. Still an experiment in progress.

Finding the correct dosage has been a challenge. I didn’t realize that my evening dose was amplifying and it now makes more sense on my sleep. I did three overnight work sessions in a single week a month ago. Haven’t done that since college 30 years ago! Of course the lack of sleep induced a whole range of other issues. Not doing that again!