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Reading this really pissed me off. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this! If I were you, I would look for a new doctor if possible. Denying a medication option simply because you were suicidal at one time is shameful especially when that medication may actually lower suicide rates in people with ADHD.

I’m currently reading ‘New ADHD Medication Rules’ by Dr. Charles Parker. In it, he states that treating ADHD with stimulants can actually LOWER suicides rates! Parker also states that prescribing an ADHD patient an SSRI without a stimulant can actually increase the likelihood of suicide. If you have depression and ADHD, it’s important to treat both by carefully balancing SSRIS and stimulant medications. I can provide you the page numbers or a PDF of the parts of the book. I’m also going to post an article about ADHD medication and suicide rates.

I was initially misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder Type 2 and tried over a dozen different medications with limited success. My difficulties with functioning and treatment failure caused me great despair and was one of the main reasons I felt suicidal for years. It wasn’t until I was put on Adderall and Guanfacine XR that I felt all my suicidal thoughts disappear completely! I feel like I’m living more effectively; this has increased my self-esteem and has pushed any suicidal thought I had even further away.

Hang in there!


Current Medications: Adderall IR, Lexapro and Guanfacine Xr (Intuniv).