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I have been on Thyroid for decades. I believe I was compensating for my ADHD that I didn’t know about. With each increase in dose I would feel “better” and the clouds would clear for a bit. Now that I am on a stimulant, I wonder if my Thyroid needs to be backed off…. But I can’t find ANY info anywhere. My Thyroid Doc has no expertise in ADHD, and my Psychiatrist has no expertise in Thyroid. I am having trouble sleeping.. through the night. I fall asleep fine, but wake up at 2am every night. My Psyciatrist says it’s not the stimulant because I fall asleep no problem. It’s remaining asleep that is the problem. I am past Menopause – and do female bioidentical hormone supplementation for anti-aging. For the first time in my adult life I am not “overweight” and am loving it! I have great ENERGY during the day, and good work focus. If I could just sleep for 9 hours strait it would be AMAZING!