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Thank you all for the postings.
They have given me some new thoughts on a problem of mine-staying awake.

I’m not on Adderall; I’m on Vyvanse, (again, as I need to be), and it’s only my second month back on it, after unhappily being off it for about two years. I was on 20 mg last month, 40 mg now. At some point, it may go up, as my best dose some years ago was at 60 mg; we’ll see.
I have always been sleepy-able to fall asleep anywhere, at anytime, including driving or while stopped at a stop light.
Though I had a lot less problem falling asleep in traffic when I was on Vyvanse for eight years. It was easier to stay
awake 24/7.
The biggest thing Vyvanse has done for me lately is it immediately allows me to “WAKE UP” in the mornings. I sleep-a lot-about ten hours a day lately, and quite honestly, if I didn’t force myself to get out of bed, I could go right back to sleep for even longer. But now that I’m on Vyvanse again, I can take my med half an hour or so before the time I really NEED to be awake, and once I’m out of the bed, it’s like someone has switched an “ON” switch in my brain. I can speak coherently, sing a nonsense song to my chinchillas, and go start the daily, (boring), chores.

Before I got back on Vyvanse, I would sleep eight to ten hours a night, but even when I forced myself out of bed in the (late) morning, I would have “brain fog” and sleepiness till 3 pm or so. Obviously, my best time has always been from about 1 pm to 3 am.
I’ve been worried lately, because even with the Vyvanse, although it wakes me up, I still could sleep the day away easily, and I don’t seem really refreshed in the mornings.

I did have Covid back in the late Fall, and I actually keep kind of forgetting that because my symptoms were really mild, and I was only sick about a week.
Now I’m thinking that my need for tons of sleep every day may actually be a ‘fall-out’ symptom from the Covid. It makes sense, as the need for sleep has definitely escalated in the past few months.
Re-reading this, I can tell that I am already way sleepier than I should be. So-apologies for the somewhat incoherent posting. And thanks for bringing the possible “Covid Fatigue Fall-Out” to my attention!