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Doctors, Pharmacists and the FDA are all wrong when they insist generics are the same and work the same. They know they aren’t chemically the same and they just aren’t listening to patients who have experienced the problems. Call them out on it! I’ve always had trouble with generics. For years I’ve been ordering a couple of meds from an international pharmacy where I can get name brand for a third the cost of what I’d pay in the US. Even name brands can be different if manufactured in different facilities. Once I had trouble when I received my usual name brand from a batch made India when I’ve never had any trouble with the same drug when manufactured in Canada, Germany, New Zealand or Singapore.

Right now, I’m still trying to find an ADHD med that works and that I can afford. I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences here. I know not everyone is the same, but when you hear from many people who’ve had the same good or bad experiences only with one manufacturer, you realize not to give up too quickly on a option….the problem may just be the brand.