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Plumb Line

Ask about whether you would be a candidate for Bupropion (i.e., Wellbutrin) in addition to Ritalin.

My understanding is that it’s only appropriate if there’s some kind of anxiety symptoms in addition to ADD. It’s sometimes prescribed for use with Ritalin under those circumstances, when use of SSRI or other meds with potential cognitive side effects would be detrimental.

The plus side is that the two meds compliment each other well if they are tolerated by the individual. The down side is that some people experience negative side effects, notably irritability.

Not a perfect solution but if you’re one of the people who can tolerate the dual use, it may be an option.

As for law school, congrats on getting there. I was not diagnosed and did not take any meds when I went through law school (and took the bar exam) decades ago. You understand your symptoms and they challenges they present in your individual circumstances better than anybody. Structure your approach to study in a way that offsets your negative symptoms and leverages your positive ones (if you experience periods of hyper focus, for example). If study groups and group outlines are still a thing, it was more important for me to group with people I found interesting as opposed to people I thought were “smart” (pro tip- everyone is smart in law school, lol). Also, when I studied alone, I broke it up into bites of fixed duration, and whenever I changed subjects I was studying, I literally picked up and moved to a different room (if at home) or a different desk/table on a different floor if I was studying in the library or stacks. It worked for me (with no meds, and no understanding of ADD). Find what works for you. Best regards and good luck!