Reply To: Organizing my sons bedroom


Hello I am 24 years old and still do not know how to clean my room. I won’t even notice there is stuff laying around. I just see it as a “fixture” of the room. That sounds super goofy but for real. I literally am like “oh that was always there”. My partner is getting aggravated with me because I can’t figure out how to clean up after myself. I do not know how to prioritize it. I also feel like no matter how much you try to describe adhd people see it as this like glamorized goofy thing. Or i DONT know just this like cinematic “ohhh squirrel!” Crap. But I feel like at 24 I’m really suffering in a lot of ways. People see it as laziness or like not caring about others or yourself. And honestly I am so distracted that I’m not even thinking about cleaning I’m just like constantly going in my mind. When I do get to the cleaning aspect of things I literally do not know where to start. Sometimes I just pick up an item and then I try to focus on that item and where I’m going to put it and where it’s going to go. that usually helps keep me focused TILL IT DOESNT BECAUSE I START GRABBING MULTIPLE ITEMS AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IM DOING BECAUSE NOW I HAVE 8 THINGS IN MY HAND THAT ALL GO DIFFERENT PLACES. AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IM DOING SO I FREAK OUT AND STOP. That… that my friends is adhd at its finest. It’s exhausting.