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KATEJO5 I read your story and there is SO MUCH that reminds me of my journey. Looking back, I never lived up to my full potential: my jobs have been a little all over the place including losing two jobs and I’ve always had the persistent feeling that I was just “getting by” in life. Recently, I found out that one of my brothers was worried about my future.

Part of my research that was part of my discovery journey starting in September and culminated with my formal diagnosis, which I received 3 days ago. Like you, I read a Ned Hallowell book, but, in my case, I read Delivered From Distraction. In my case, I not only received a diagnosis of ADHD-Inattentive, moderate…plus ASD. My main issues are mostly with attention (sometimes, sustaining it, procrastination) and some impulsivity (my emotions going from 0-60). Also, sometimes, at work, I’ve sporadically slipped up. While, overall, I do well, some of my mistakes are a “little silly” (my words): things that I should have caught.

When I received my diagnoses, I did shed a few tears. I was fine with the process and relieved at the news. My main thing is now to leverage this information to see how I can handle my life at a better level. I want to do better for myself and for those around me. I’m trying to figure out what this all means and what my next steps are.

Congrats for finding your answers and I wish you well in your continued journey.